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While you are here, here is a golden nugget for the day!It is not beauty that endears, it_s love that makes us see beauty.


IC Youth ablaze


Burning fiercely indeed. I am so excited to announce the new youth group at Immaculate Conception….Ablaze. 

I must admit I am more excited to share with you all where this concept came from (besides Jesus’ words of course).

Jesus says “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” Luke 12:49

After spending time in Adoration and writing a page and a half of what the Lord seemed to be speaking about the direction of youth ministry at IC, he did something he commonly does in the course of my life, he asked me to surrender my plan in exchange for his.

Now I  must say, there was a moment where I thought about ignoring the whisper in the depths of my heart telling me there was something so much better if I would only open my hands, but I chose obedience in that white knuckled moment (victory!) and boy am I glad I did!

In that instant of laying down my perfectly penned paper plan, the Lord not only lit the flame, but fanned it in the blink of an eye! I ended up in Exodus 3:1-6, which I have heard many times before, but this burning bush became more of a gift than I had ever realized. Funny how perspective can change the heart our prayer.

Scientifically speaking (that is a phrase I never thought I would use), it would have been quite common for Moses to pass a burning object in the desert. It is a reality of the hot and dry climate…things tend to catch fire. So why did Moses stop and pay so much attention to this particular little fiery shrub? I mean he was working and his job involved tending a flock which takes focus, so Moses was probably not the most distractible human, but nonetheless Moses “must turn aside to look at this remarkable sight.”

“When he looked, although the bush was on fire, it was not being consumed…’Why does this bush not burn up’?” Exodus 3: 2-3

Not sure if there are any other friends out there who enjoy setting things on fire and watching the ashes and disintegration that occur as the original form of the object is completely consumed and no more. There is something intriguing about the power of this reality and something equally intriguing about the opposite of this reality taking place. Moses knows by the very existence of the bush, that the source of the flame is not an earthly power, but one of divine nature.

Now you may be thinking, “great Gina, what does this have to do with IC youth ministry?” My answer is EVERYTHING.

Immaculate Conception is a community parish, there is a history, there is a passion for sports and academics, there is a striving for leadership and success, and all of these are beautiful things! There are parents and students who are leaders in businesses, schools, parishes, clubs, extra-curricular activities, service projects, and many more areas of life. What beauty, what power, what excitement!

IC Youth Ablaze, leading all who see to behold the source! This is the point, this is everything. IC Youth Ablaze is a place where students can come and be empowered to go back to whatever they are involved in, whatever they are passionate about, whatever they are gifted in,  and be the leaders that others look to and wonder “what is different, why are they not consumed by this world, why is there joy and love so authentic?”

And thus begins the spark, the invitation, the beholding

Jesus. He is the Answer.

It is contagious and so it spreads so that Jesus’ words are no longer a wish, but a reality ablaze for all to behold!

Jesus says “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” Luke 12:49