How Can I Help?

“Volunteer” by ffaalumni is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Any donations are always appreciated. Below is a small list of items we use regularly, however anything donated will be accepted:

1. Snack foods (fruit, pretzel chips, hummus, cookies, etc.)
2. Drinks (Izze soda, juice boxes, small cans of Coke, Sprite, etc.)
3. Reusable plates
4. Reusable napkins

They Need You! ICY relies on a core of dedicated volunteers who serve as strong Catholic role models for our parish’s youth. To be a volunteer/core member you must:

  • Be a Catholic.
  • Be engaged in daily prayer.  In particular, pray for the middle and high school students and the ministries at the Church (Luke 11:9).
  • Attend Mass on a weekly basis.
  • Partake of the Sacraments on a regular basis.
  • Attend Protecting God’s Children
  • Pass a background screen
  • Never speak out against any of the Catholic Church teachings.
  • Help with control of the teens.

Other Ways
For those parishioners who want to help the IC youth ministry program here are some other areas of need:

  • Prayer: for the youth at IC, for IC Youth ministry, for specific teens
  • *Chaperone: For a day/evening event; for a weekend retreat/event; for a week-long mission trip
  • *Guest Speaker at youth night
  • Help decorate special events

*Must have completed a background screen & attended Protecting God’s Children

If you are interested in helping ICY, please contact our Coordinator of Youth Ministry today at icyg414 AT


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