Snack Sign-up

IC Youth Ministry relies on the help of parents to provide snacks for our weekly youth meetings. Please click on ICY Snack Sign-up to find available spots for providing snacks. If you find an open day that works for you, please email icyg414 AT and we will update the list accordingly. If you are looking for assistance regarding quantity and snack suggestions, you can consult the information below. You can also contact icyg414 AT with any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your contribution and support.

Snack Quantity
Our meeting numbers fluctuate so we estimate needing snacks for 20-25 teens and adults for our meetings.

Snack Ideas                                                      Drink Ideas
Chips                                                                   Izze Soda
Cookies                                                              Juice Boxes
Pretzel Chips                                                  Coke
Carrots & Hummus                                     Diet Coke
Fruit                                                                      Sprite
Tortilla Chips & Salsa                                  Dr.Pepper


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